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TRAILER. Detention Discipline is based on the time-honored trope of the teacher being spanked for failing to properly spank her charge. Sarah’s plays it perfectly, showing a wicked streak as she lands crisp stinging paddle strokes on her obnoxious student’s behind, and then turning on a dime to prim, proper, and mortified when the. Disciplined for Defiance. Born for experience, T level bandwidth, playing without interruption. Update every day, faster than you think. Three ends connection, PC end + web end + app end, you can watch any time you want. Safe words can be used during punishment if they are needed. The Dominant shouldn’t use punishment in moments of anger and they should remain in control. Spanking- This is delivered with the hand of the Dominant. Hand, not fist. Paddling- This can be delivered with a wooden paddle or a leather paddle. Discipline – discipline focuses on a challenging task that will build or focus on a new skill for development. May include areas such as developing self-control, personal accountability, better communication, deeper understanding, etc. When the person being disciplined claims that a punishment spanking is unfair, this can mean any number of things including: It hurt my bottom and my feelings, and I am upset. You didn't do this in exactly the way (such as using the right implement/position/number of strokes/setting) that would make me happy for exactly the reasons I. School Girls. Spanking women dressed as schoolgirls is always popular with men. Second, a schoolgirl outfit is one of the top choices of women, even for those that never wore a uniform in school. I think this classic drawing is from Mad magazine. I Love Fiesty. Typically, willful disobedience, or disrespect, from a wife has come from her disregarding her husband’s authority or his words. It has involved stepping proudly, or carelessly out of her position beneath him. It is appropriate then, at least during punishment, and during a formal verbal correction, that she vocalize his authority.