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I’m done with this mentally ill state. : r/CAguns. Sorry y’all but this is the last straw. I’m done with this mentally ill state. Y’all im sorry but I love Lexi. This live is really taking me out. Drue is sitting there and keeps saying that all of her comments say that all of Lexi’s comments are being really mean to Drue And all Drue keeps saying is Lexi should just block all the people that are being mean to drue. Why the fuck would Lexi take time out of her day. This may sound unpopular But I’m really am enjoying P4G dungeons more than Tartarus in mementos from P3 and P5R. 1 / 3. 408. 63. r/persona4golden. Join. • 8 days ago. So far I’m able to play this awesome game! 🔥 sadly I honestly didn’t have this much enjoyment with P3P, especially the Visual Novel style. If the Remake is true, then I. I will say this. Something I’m seeing is Veterans that are motivated to submit their claims - makes me extremely happy. That also comes with Veterans focusing so hard that their disabilities inhibit their life. Obviously that’s going to happen, but I believe WE as a community need to live our life to its potential. I feel like I’m missing out on so much of this awesome game. I just need help. I’ve been watching countless YouTube videos and scouring Reddit for tips but I still feel so lost. Can anyone point me to a definitive guide, or be willing to PM to help talk me through game mechanics. I don’t know what I’m missing and what else I can do. 246 views, 17 likes, 3 loves, 53 comments, 4 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from lc_predator_catcher: hey y'all. Nothing has changed. I’m fascinated by the idea that other people can see stuff without their eyes but I don’t feel like my life is any worse off for not having this ability. Just like some people can bend their legs behind their heads. That’s neat, but I’m fine with not being able to do it. Lamentable adj The abandoned town was in a sorry state. La ville abandonnée était dans un état lamentable. pitoyable adj The garden is in a sorry state, but the house is beautiful. Le jardin est dans un état pitoyable, mais la maison est magnifique. plus rare : navré adj · navrée adj · triste adj · piteux adj Sorry? interjection Pardon ? interj.