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18 oct. 2017 · Del Mar Mesa’s long-awaited new park has officially been named Elizabeth S. Rabbitt Neighborhood Park, in honor of a longtime resident of the Mesa. The 3.7-acre park is located at the end of Del Mar Mesa Road, near the intersection of Duck Pond Lane and Del Vino Court. Expected to open in January 2018, the park will feature a multi. 1 juil. 2018 · By early this year, a regional committee opted to change the name to Elizabeth Rabbitt Neighborhood Park on Del Mar Mesa, but the citywide park board voted in April to revert the. 26 juin 2018 · It’s official again: the new park in Del Mar Mesa will go back to its original Elizabeth Rabbitt Neighborhood Park name, the San Diego Park and Recreation board decided in a 5-3 vote on June 21. San Diego Park and Recreation Director Herman Parker said this will be the final naming action for this park. Mesa Neighborhood Park’ to ‘Elizabeth Rabbitt Neighborhood Park on Del Mar Mesa’ was initiated by Dan O’Rourke, neighbor of Ms. Rabbitt and a Del Mar Mesa Resident. The naming was meant to recognize the numerous contributions made by Ms. Elizabeth Rabbitt to the Del Mar Mesa community. On May 21, 2018, Parks and Recreation Department. 25 avr. 2018 · Officially named Elizabeth Rabbitt Neighborhood Park last year as a result of a community-led initiative, the San Diego City Park and Recreation board last week approved an appeal to rename it the Del Mar Mesa Neighborhood Park. 10 janv. 2018 · Longtime Del Mar Mesa resident Elizabeth Rabbitt said she can still hardly believe it when she rides her horse past the community park under construction and sees her name. Last year, over 250 of Rabbitt’s neighbors successfully petitioned the San Diego Park and Recreation Department to honor her by naming the long-awaited 3.7-acre. Re-naming of ‘Del Mar Mesa Neighborhood Park’ (formerly ‘Elizabeth Rabbitt Neighborhood Park on Del Mar Mesa’). June 11, 2018 • On April 19, 2018, the Park Board voted 3-3, with the chair voting to break the tie, to re-name ‘Elizabeth Rabbitt Neighborhood Park on Del Mar Mesa’ to ‘Del Mar Mesa Neighborhood Park’. (Draft Minutes. Shital noted the peeler pole that fell down along Del Mar Mesa Rd. after being pressure washed. Christian Tresize will contact Ranger Gina. Park MAD Christian Tresize raised the status of the MAD discussion at the meeting in November for clarification on the process of a MAD for the Park. Elizabeth Rabbitt commented on the emails. By eliminating over 50% of the parking spots available, access hindrance and serious safety issues occur for families who drive to enjoy these two beautiful public spaces: Del Mar Mesa Preserve trailhead and Elizabeth Rabbitt Park. He is also following up on the $20K and the accountability for the use of these funds as per designated. Elizabeth Rabbitt raised the question about The Preserve and the status of the surrounding trails and peeler pole fence maintenance. Kenneth Rudy will follow up with Andrew Berman. It's my pleasure to recommend that the newly constructed park of Del Mar Mesa be named after my neighbor and dear friend Elizabeth Rabbit. I have known Elizabeth for almost 6 years and can attest to her strength of character and compassion for others. I can honestly say, I don't know of any contributing member of our community more.