GAWIN Sweet But Naughty Color Coded Lyrics eng [23 FILES :: 545 MB] ๐Ÿ˜Š #mEwMmQwMThh

How would Zhongli (from DCKZ) and Xiao (from 4NEMO) sing Naughty by Irene & Seulgi (from Red Velvet)?Irene - ZhongliSeulgi - XiaoCredits:Idol AU art: @veechu. 6 juil. 2020 ยท Ah [Chorus: Both, Irene] Close your eyes, Iโ€™ll count to three, so try to find me You might probably wander around here and there Youโ€™re going crazy, the Naughty girl youโ€™ve never seen before. ๐Ÿค—โ˜• If you like my videos consider buying me a coffee! translation is from the official music videogroup: VERIVERYalbum: SERIES. Enjoy Joker Lyrics (English Translation) by BIG Naughty (Feat. JAMIE)Artist: BIG Naughty (์„œ๋™ํ˜„)Album: Bucket ListReleased date: 2021.02.25Lyrics: https://kga. Requested by Patreon Supporter: RMJSupport me on Patreon: for Japanese releases: channel:. All Rights Administered by SM EntertainmentWATCH IN HD. I like them sweet but naughty Dimples on their cheeks I bet you taste like berries Oh how could it be, oh yeah Hella cute in the daylight All over me after midnight, oh yeah You got me so hooked on you, o-oh, o-oh You got me so hooked on you, o-oh, o-oh You got me so hooked on you (Sweet but naughty) o-oh, o-oh (Taste like berries) o-oh, o-oh.