#jMxMWJjMzJj 'Dragon Girl' shares more shock before and after photos of 😍 [26 FILES :: 450 MB]

1 juil. 2021 · Credit: Instagram/Amber Luke Along with hundreds of tattoos, Amber has also modified her body in several other ways, including piercings, a boob job, a tongue split and lip and cheek fillers. 18 juil. 2022 · Australian model Amber Luke has shared more dramatic before and after photos of her wild $250,000 transformation into 'Dragon girl'. Left, before. Right, after In the selfie she wore an. 14 mai 2020 · Australian model Amber Luke who shot to fame when she started sharing photos of her intricate body art has shocked people with her latest image. The 24-year-old’s most stand-out features include blackout tattoos on her arms and bold calligraphy on her face. 9 déc. 2022 · Amber Luke, who is now based in Brisbane, has spent $250,000 on various body modifications since she was 18 – with tattoos covering 99 per cent of her body. After seeing Peterson’s story online, she has since taken to Instagram to share her “heartbreak”. 21 avr. 2020 · Amber Luke has become famous on social media for her heavily tattooed appearance, having spent thousands over the years to transform herself. Amber Luke. Credit: Instagram/@ambs_luke. 25 avr. 2020 · Amber Luke, who has spent more than £20,000 on her tattoos, has posted images when her skin was clear, before she began the inkwork. The Australian model, who is known for her striking looks,.