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Rose Quartz. Rose quartz is another one of the best Taurus crystals. It emits a gentle and loving energy that boosts their compassion and opens them up to receiving and giving love and kindness. It also helps the Taurus sun sign to release fears and worries and brings them emotional healing. It is a stone that strengthens the heart. 11 janv. 2023 · Chrysoprase. Jade. Rose Quartz. Blue Kyanite. Emerald. Amber. Green Aventurine. Malachite. The best way to use Taurus crystals is to combine the energies of these crystals with your own intention to amplify their energies and manifest your desires. Crystal healing is using the properties of certain minerals and stones for the benefit of stabilizing the mental, physical and emotional states; incorporating healing crystals into your daily life and spiritual practices is always a great idea. The way we are affected by our zodiac sign and the characteristics that fall under it can tell us so much about the type of healing we require on a. 24 févr. 2022 · What’s more, Taurus is a zodiac sign that everyone can get along with. They’re pleasure-seeking, laid-back (until they’re not), and always ready for a good time. And about that “not”: You. Additionally, the Taurus crystals listed previously can also be paired with either Black Obsidian for added protective energy or with Selenite for amplified properties as well as added clarity. From April 20th to May 20th, the sun is in Taurus. This is called Taurus season and everyone is affected by its energy, regardless of their zodiac sign. 21 sept. 2021 · Malachite. Malachite is one of the best crystals for Taurus. This gemstone eliminates negative energy accumulated for a long time, freeing the individual from fears, sadness, and personal insecurities. This healing stone is incredibly useful for people in the Taurus zodiac, as they tend to be conservative and fear change.