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Mercy killed him. Didn't torture him either. On my second playthrough I "let him sweat" before mercy killing him, because that's the only thing you need to do to get extra info. Part of me wants to let him turn though. Not that I want to torture him, I just think it seems cooler to have a zombie tied out front in E4 instead of a dead. I let him to turn I know he might be more nuisanced but I feel like the people who liked Abel or mercy killed him keep forgetting he’s still a human trafficker and the fact he participated in an effort to kidnap kids and even threaten to kill AJ, shows enough to me that he doesn’t deserve to be treated with respect. I mercy killed Abel because I didn’t want him to suffer as a walker, knowing that it was his biggest fear. I spared the walkers because I wanted to convince James to help us. I named the bomb Mitch’s Masterpiece in honor of Mitch. It was the coolest name and Mitch was the one obsessed with bombs, so it only felt right this way. If you let him turn, the game automatically considers it torture, even if you didn't hurt him before. It only counts as a merciful interrogation if you never harm him and choose to mercy kill him. The sole exception is slapping him to wake him up, which doesn't count as torture. Mercy Kill Abel Or Let Him Turn - Alternative Choices - The Walking Dead Telltale: The Final Season 4 Episode 3: Broken Toys - Walkthrough Gameplay (No Comme. I mercy kill him, but it’s not like he doesn’t deserve to turn either. • No matter what and how many times any asshole has done to me or anyone, mercy is always better than increasing the infinite number of walkers in the world. • I let him turn, he shot AJ and tried to kill me man_o_madan • 7 mo. ago Both, i played the game more than once 😎. Did you mercy kill Abel or let him turn? Mercy killed. We don't need a walker in the basement Did you spare the walkers in James' camp? First play through yes, but other play throughs no. It's just a hassle What did you name the bomb? (if you chose to name it) MItch's Masterpiece. Gone too soon Did Dorian cut off your friend's finger? Nope!. Did you mercy kill Abel or let him turn? I mercy killed Abel. I made him sweat for it, though. Did you spare the walkers in James' camp? Yeah, I did. As much as I probably would have killed them in a realistic scenario lol. What did you name the bomb? (if you chose to name it) RUBY'S REVENGE GANG. Did Dorian cut off your friend's finger?. Let Abel Turn Or Show Mercy - Outcomes In Episode 4 - The Walking Dead Telltale: The Final Season 4 Episode 4: Take Us Back - Walkthrough Gameplay (No Commentary Playthrough Let's Play). 191K views 4 years ago Interrogate ABEL See All Dialogue Choices - The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 Alternate Choices Let Him Turn Vs Mercy Kill Abel. Choices, Slam His head,. 0:23 Let Abel sweat2:28 Let Him Turn4:22 Give him your word5:04 Mercy Kill AbelThis Walking Dead video from episode 3 of the final season will show you the m. When you attack him with a knife, he only uses one arm, when he pins you down against the desk, his left hand lets go of your left arm for no reason, and when you fight him on the balcony, he only uses his right arm. Or at least make him hold the gun with both hands if you let him take the food. But again, our choices don't matter. Mercy Kill Abel (Dead): Clementine honors Abel's wishes and keeps her side of the deal. Clementine goes to shoot him, but Abel objects, wanting a cleaner death so he can "keep [his] face." Clementine then pulls out her knife and stabs him in the side of the head as AJ watches, killing him. 23 janv. 2019 · We've had a few moments that have foreshadowed this: There have been the various conversations between Clem and AJ regarding what happens in that exact scenario. There was the start of the third. 19 août 2021 · After he spoke with God, Cain took Abel for a walk in the fields and murdered him. Shortly after, God asked Cain where Abel had gone, and Cain tried to evade the question. But God knew the sin he committed against his brother, and punished him. Genesis 4:10-12 says: Cain depicted in the northeast ambulatory window. 15 janv. 2019 · This is a 2 part achievement: During Act 1: While interrogating Abel: - "let him smoke". - "I hope so". - " [Let him sweat]" - "You'll know soon enough". He will then reveal a secret note in his. 26 juin 2020 · Even after God showed him mercy both before and after he murdered Abel ( Genesis 4:6-7, 15 ), Cain did not repent. In contrast, Abel is mentioned as having faith when he offered his sacrifice to God. Abel is the first person listed in the Hebrews 11 “hall of faith” chapter. Abel is described as being righteous and doing righteous works. 9 janv. 2019 · Abel Tried to use AJ to force Clem to send all the school's kids to their demise. threatening to smash his head open if she refuses. Nearly broke AJ's arm. Shot him and nearly killed him. Is in her little boy nightmares. You know what happen when you mess with a cub and face the mother bear just afterward?. 13 sept. 2021 · Cain and Abel are the first two sons of Adam and Eve after they were expelled from the Garden of Eden in the biblical book of Genesis. According to the biblical story, Cain killed Abel because God accepted Abel's sacrifice but rejected Cain's. With this act of jealousy, Cain became the first murderer. Cain Slaying Abel. This is "Cruel Mercy" — sparing one's enemy (or, in some examples, even actively keeping them alive) as a punishment rather than a reward. Heroes rarely kill their enemies: they either practice Thou Shalt Not Kill or have a moral friend remind them "If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him!" if they ever get too tempted.