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It wasn’t having a boss figure that Andy Griffith disliked. In fact, he liked the idea of having a boss. The reason he hated the idea was that a mayor is a local official. He could have been over the local PD if Mayberry had one. However, the sheriff is an elected county official. A mayor wouldn’t have power over a sheriff. Floyd Pike was a respected businessman from Andy’s hometown and served as the inspiration for Mayor Pike. This was the first attempt at creating a Mayor for Mayberry. He used his minimal authority to lead the town for 11 episodes of the first 2 seasons of The Andry Griffith Show. His first appearance was in the episode The Manhunt, and his. The Andy Griffith Show is one of the most successful sitcoms of all time and one of the few to end its run at the top of the rating charts. Its wholesome fee. Roy Stoner was played by Parley Baer. He only appeared in seven episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, according to IMDb. So, Andy Griffith hated the fact that Sheldon Leonard added a mayor to the series. However, he only had to deal with 18 episodes of the role before things went back to normal in Mayberry. See all. One of the most popular television shows of all time was the Andy Griffith Show. The show was so famous that it’s still one of the most popular classic telev. Then de Vise’ turns his attention toward “The Andy Griffith Show” lead character. He says Sheriff Andy Taylor is “the one citizen of Mayberry who has it all together.”. “He might not have the most successful romantic life, at least in the early seasons,” De Vise’ says. “But he is clearly an intelligent, mature, worldly, well. Griffith said in a 1965 interview with The New York Times that “Mayberry” was needed as a character. The city, which is based on Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy, N.C., is the center of each character’s life. “I think it is because we–everyone on the show–have a real sense of community, of kindness toward one another,” Griffith.