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I’ve had 2 Onlyfans accounts hacked, even though I never input my bank or card info at all. Yeah, what the title says. I’ve managed to get my money back both times, but I literally never put in my bank or debit card information into the website. I have no idea how they got money from me. For subscribers, there are some pretty simple guidelines you should follow to stay safe on OnlyFans — basically, you need to keep your account secured properly, avoid subscribing to suspicious accounts, and make sure your devices are malware-free to prevent being hacked on OnlyFans. If your Onlyfans account has been hacked, the first thing to do is contact Onlyfans to advise you accordingly on what you're supposed to do. They'll try recovering your account. OnlyFans recommend that you quickly try changing your login details if you suspect your account has been hacked. Someone hacked into my Onlyfans account and changed the email associated with the account, and made purchases Pretty much title. Tried logging in today and I couldn't, tried to reset password but it says that the email that I entered (which is the email I used to make the account and login with) does not belong to an account. I am not quite positive about everything that had been removed, however, I still have every single video I've ever made. I am spending the next few days re-uploading it all, so there is no risk of missing content. I will NOT let this hold me back in any capacity. I do not plan on deleting my OnlyFans, or stop making content for many. Somehow someone hacked my account without getting into my Gmail and I got the notification and as I was in the process of changing my password the hacker changed the email that I log in to OF with so I have no way of even getting back in! I had a couple hundred dollars pending and a lot of subscribers!!!!! They changed my.