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VLOG | What does Vivienne do? TokyoDiaryTV 11K subscribers Subscribe 1K 168K views 2 years ago Hello! It's Vivienne~ from TokyoDiary. I want to thank you for visiting the channel. I started. If you want to start vlogging, this is the right video for you! Vlogging Expert Jason Vong and Vivienne give you an introduction into vlogging and share how to grow an audience and generate. 127K subscribers In Part 2 of our 'How to VLOG' series, vlogging experts Jason Vong and Vivienne show you how to film your first vlog, the different vlogging styles, and how to vlog in. Tokyo Diary TV原标题:VLOG | What does Vivienne do?, 视频播放量 16087、弹幕量 12、点赞数 60、投硬币枚数 8、收藏人数 121、转发人数 32, 视频作者 BDYF, 作者简介 罗8:20 受造之物屈服在虚空之下,不是自己愿意,而是因那使它屈服的叫他如此。但受造之物仍然指望从败坏的辖制下得释放,得享神儿女荣耀的自由.