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4 janv. 2023 · How to Request an Onlyfans Refund? Certain options are available to you if you feel you should receive an onlyfans.com refund. You should first get in touch with their customer assistance. You can get assistance from their committed customer service team with any issues you encounter. 23 déc. 2022 · There are only two ways to get a refund from OnlyFans – filing for overcharging and claiming fraud. If you are charged twice for the same thing on OnlyFans or if you got billed for something you did not purchase, OnlyFans may look into it and take the necessary action. 1 janv. 2023 · You can get a refund from OnlyFans by using a card chargeback through your bank, with enough evidence. This can only happen if your bank supports chargeback, and you have enough proof. And if the bank approves the chargeback, you’ll get your funds. First of all, open the official website or Android/iOS application of OnlyFans and Sign in to your account. Then, you have to either search for the account by name in the search box or locate it in your subscription list. In order to stop the auto-renewal of the subscription, find the option of Auto-Renew and disable it by clicking on it. No refunds are given. Cancel sub immediately, enjoy that months content. Move on 9 ariadesu • 2 yr. ago Do a chargeback through your bank. You'll get kicked from the platform, but if they're not honouring a very reasonable refund request I think it's fair. 4 [deleted] • 2 yr. ago RailAurai • 2 yr. ago Never do autopay More posts you may like. Do a chargeback through your bank. You'll get kicked from the platform, but if they're not honouring a very reasonable refund request I think it's fair. 4. [deleted] • 2 yr. ago. RailAurai • 2 yr. ago. Never do autopay. 19 juil. 2022 · How to get OnlyFans Support Twitter (Social Media) Step 1: Login to your Twitter Account Step 2: Click on Create Tweet Step 3: Ask the support team your question Step 4: Tag @OnlyFansSupport Another way to OnlyFans Support via Twitter is directly sending a messaging @OnlyFansSupport OnlyFans Support Instagram (Social Media). My OnlyFans Account is Blocked, Can I Get a Refund? Yes, if you are blocked on OnlyFans, you will certainly get a refund even if your current subscription is about to end. If a creator chooses to prevent you from accessing their content, he/she can block you by using the geo-blocking function of OnlyFans. You will be unable to see their account. Enter your Onlyfans username 3. Enter from and to month the subscription service that you want to cancel and refund 4. Enter the amount of the subscription service fee that you want to cancel and refund to your account 5. Click Cancel and Refund button to process the request from Onlyfans server directly. 24 août 2022 · To confirm that the OnlyFans social media platform provided the reimbursement, you must go to the Payments page, which can be found in the part of your credentials, or Add a banking account if the payment has been made with a bank account. The indicator shown beside the amount in the late payments can be viewed. Answer (1 of 5): OnlyFans is a subscription site that lets content creators monetize their influence. If you want to cancel OnlyFans subscription then just go ahead and do it. 1 janv. 2023 · If you’re not happy with your OnlyFans subscription, you can cancel it at any time and receive a refund for any unused time. Here’s how: 1. Log in to your OnlyFans account. 2. Click on the settings icon in the top right-hand corner. 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Cancel Subscription” button. 4 févr. 2023 · 1. Read the OnlyFans Terms of Service closely and make sure you have a valid reason for requesting a refund. 2. Contact OnlyFans customer support to explain your situation and ask for a refund. 3. Provide clear evidence that supports your claim, such as screenshots or other documents. 4. 24 août 2022 · If your subscription was instantly renewed and you now want to cancel it, you could raise the ticket with Onlyfans and receive a refund. Although if you do not provide the service while subscribed, the only way to stop them from having taken cash from the bank is to unsubscribe. When you subscribe to an Onlyfans creator, you pay for one month. Answer (1 of 7): Onlyfans does not refund money for the tips and PPV messages. OnlyFans does not issue refund in case of private messages, paid post and tips. A Fan may try to contact the Creator directly with regard to this issue. Return Policy – OnlyFans Store Creators Favorites Clothing Accessories Home & Living About Account Quick links Search FAQs & Policies Return Policy Contact Us Stay informed Sign up to our newsletter and we'll keep you up to date with the latest arrivals © 2023 OnlyFans Store. Powered by Shopify. Answer (1 of 3): It is not easy to get your money back cause there are refund policies..The only thing I can do here is to tell you that, next time, please pre-watch the content before subscribing. 14 juil. 2022 · Here’s How to Cancel Your OnlyFans Subscription in 3 Easy Steps: Go to Onlyfans.com and log in to your account Locate the account you wish to unsubscribe from Click on “Auto-renew” and turn it off And voila! Just like that, you have successfully “dumped” your content creator.