OnlyFans star says her head 'exploded' on a plane 💋 #TZiMzE0ZDU2 [95 FILES :: 407 MB]

In a viral TikTok series, Onlyfans model name Weronika, from the UK, claims her head "exploded" days after she underwent cat eye surgery due to pressure inside of an airplane. OnlyFans model Weronika told viewers her head "exploded" on an airplane after cosmetic surgery. She said she felt pain around her stitches and heard an "audible pop" in the toilet. Fluid gushed out, and Weronika said she had to sop it up with tissues for the rest of the flight. A OnlyFans model who lives in Exeter said her 'head exploded' mid-flight from air pressure following cosmetic surgery. Weronika was travelling back from Turkey, where she had 'cat-eye' procedure. An OnlyFans model shocked her followers on TikTok after revealing that the back of her head "exploded" during a recent flight, which came after she went through a cosmetic surgery.TikToker Weronika explained in a series of videos that she underwent cat eye surgery in Turkey, and the fallout from that surgery has stirred up a lot of. A TikToker and OnlyFans model has shared how the back of her head "exploded" mid-flight after recently undergoing plastic surgery in Turkey. Weronika detailed what happened by posting a video of herself still recovering from surgery with a chin strap and two bruised eyes. An influencer named Weronika got the shock of her life when her head “exploded” on an aeroplane shortly after she’d underwent “cat eye” surgery in Turkey. OnlyFans model Weronika knows exactly what that feels like now, as her head ‘exploded’ on an airplane shortly after she had “cat eye” surgery done in Turkey. She says she “heard an audible pop” that she says was an incision behind her ear.