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The same week Marlene disappeared, a two-month-old baby was kidnapped from another New York City hospital. The infant was recovered unharmed a few days later and his abductor was arrested. The case is not believed to be connected to Marlene's; the timing was coincidental. 15 mars 2023 · The kidnapping of Marlene Santana is one of the most baffling cases of infant abduction in American history. Despite the massive search and investigation that ensued after her disappearance,. The Strange (and sad) Disappearance of Marlene Santana, Brooklyn New York, October 21, 1985 There will be a brief mention of miscarriage in this write-up. Marlene Santana was born on October 18, 1985 at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, New York to parents Thomas and Francesca Santana. True Crime Thirst Missing Tennessee woman found dead in the trunk after chase and police shootout in Michigan. Riccardo Valentino The Dad Who Brutally Murdered His Daughter’s Friends Verity. But every October 18 th is also a time of sorrow for the Santana family because Marlene has been missing since 1985. But in the beginning, all that mattered to Francesca was having a beautiful, healthy baby: “When my baby was born she was pretty. She was very beautiful. 29 févr. 2020 · Details of Disappearance Marlene Santana was abducted at gunpoint on October 21st 1985 from Brooklyn, New York. The kidnapping took place at 9:30 pm that night. The abductor was a female suspect who remains unidentified.