#TQ4MjM0MjYz 馃槉 [67 FILES :: 459 MB] Tana & Jake鈥檚 Relationship Timeline

3 janv. 2020 路 In April 2019, Tana Mongeau, 21, and Jake Paul, 22, started spending a lot of time together, but nobody could work out if their relationship was real or if it was all for show. It all got even more complicated when Paul apparently proposed to Mongeau on June 24 at her 21st birthday party, resulting in an over-the-top wedding ceremony in July. 3 janv. 2020 路 Before the Break: A History of YouTube Stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's Relationship The YouTubers announced in January that they were taking a break less than six months after their highly. Two of the most controversial creators on YouTube Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul got married last year, but broke up in January. They had a whirlwind open marriage, and nobody really knew if it was real or not. Getting together boosted their exposure to one another's audiences and has continued to help their careers rise. 16 d茅c. 2019 路 Mongeau and Paul got engaged in late June and got "married" a month later, although the wedding wasn't legally binding, so they're not technically married. The two are still calling each other husband and wife for now, but the so-called marriage has been rife with cheating rumors. 5 ao没t 2021 路 A Complete Timeline of Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul's Complicated Relationship Years later and it's still messy. By Carolyn Twersky Updated: Aug 5, 2021 Remember back in 2019 when YouTube stars. 29 juil. 2019 路 Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul were spotted deep in conversation at a party on Wednesday evening, which the latter referenced in a YouTube video posted the following day. His friends were teasing him about flirting with Mongeau, to which Paul replied, "I don't remember any of this happening, but she's cute." Video: YouTube. 3 janv. 2020 路 Jake Paul Instagram. From the very start, YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul鈥檚 relationship has played out in public. In April 2019, shortly after announcing her breakup from ex-boyfriend. From their first video through their breakup, Tana and Jake experienced a lot 鈥 like, A LOT 鈥 during their whirlwind romance. Here鈥檚 how everything went dow. 29 juil. 2019 路 Celebrity Lists. Controversial YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau decided to finish out the month of July 2019 with a bang, by getting married in Las Vegas. Now, the Jake Paul and Tana relationship has baffled many, including the influencer鈥檚 own brother, Logan Paul. After the proposal in Las Vegas in June 2019 at Tana鈥檚 21st birthday. 5 ao没t 2021 路 May 16, 2019: Tana meets Jake's mom, Pam, for the first time and obviously the whole thing is captured on camera. At this point, it's still kind of unclear if the two are dating or not.