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Kristen has publicly shared her sexuality as being a queer woman while also proudly claiming herself to be a Jesus lover. She has also made it clear in a 2016 video posted on her YouTube channel that she is against abortion. This video is private Watch on As for her love life, Kristen has been rumored to have dated a woman named Missy. In 2017, the reality TV star was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy to eliminate the risk of cancer re-occurrence. This led to many speculations that she was transgender. Kristen "Tuff" Scott net worth Kristen makes a significant sum of money from being a reality TV star, YouTube content creator, and TikToker. Breast Cancer Survivor The toughest cowgirl in the town was diagnosed with breast cancer in the mid-2010s. As per a report, Scott had to undergo a mastectomy to restrain her breast cancer from spreading. As a consequence, she had to remove her breast during her surgery. Kristen Tuff Scott, Piggott, Arkansas native, is dating a girlfriend, Missy, in 2020. However, she hasn't talked about her current relationship status openly. Specifically, Kristen is attracted to both males and females as one can notice her lying next to a man named "Hunter" on Instagram. Did Kristen Tuff Scott Change her Gender? In mid-2010, Scott was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy to control the spread of cancer. After that, she was under-recovery for years; she was also not as active in her media platforms as she used to be. When people noticed that Kristen Tuff Scott had undergone surgery, they had varying reactions. Some speculated that she underwent the procedure because she was transgender. Tuff addressed the rumors in a Facebook video in December 2017, stating that she had a mastectomy and is not, in fact, trans*. Since we have found out about, Kristen Tuff Scott’s sexual orientation, let us surf around the rumors and speculations concerning her other half. CowGirl And Missy, On Or Off? As recent as 2020, the Arkansas-born was rumored to be dating Missy, whose identity remains a mystery to the comedian’s fan.