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Posted by kirillwashere NSFW I got a camera that can see through clothing. Tested it out on my friend Gia (onlyfans.com/giaisabella)!!! 1.3K 32 comments Add a Comment iambigmike1 • 2 yr. ago haters will say it's photoshop 52 [deleted] • 2 yr. ago [removed] LogicalSleep • 2 yr. ago That is quite the oily peach. AllCuntsMatter • 2 yr. ago. Why does this seem so sci-fi to everyone? it's simply a 'night-vision' IR mode.. of you turn off the infra-red filter of a camera, and add infra-red light to the background, the same thing happens. the picture of the apple tv box that is shown - the entire case is made of a very dark red translucent plastic - just like the cover over. The OnePlus 8 Pro’s main camera’s got a few filters to choose from, and a newly added Photochrom filter can reportedly see through thin plastics and clothing to a certain degree. can see through certain kinds of plastic. If you’ve got one (we know they’re particularly hard to find in SA, but if you do), all you gotta do is activate the. Scientists Invent a Camera That Can See Through or Around Anything Nov 19, 2021 Jaron Schneider Researchers from Northwestern’s Engineering department have invented a new high-resolution. This video tutorial teaches you how to see through clothes using a blank roll of film and any video camera that has night vision. You won't see people completely naked, but you can see undergarments and the "shape" beneathIf your imagination just isn't cutting it anymore, check out this how-to video and start getting a peak at. Seeing through walls is no longer the stuff of science fiction! From light field cameras to super slow motion, we're able to grab more information from our digital images than ever before. This.