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26 mars 2021 · David Dobrik / Vlog Squad Dobrik, 24, got his start on social media by posting seven-second videos on the now-defunct app Vine. In 2015, he began posting vlogs on YouTube with a group of his friends, many of whom would become members of what would soon be called the Vlog Squad. Some of the Vlog Squad members (present and former) include: David Dobrik, Natalie Mariduena, Zane Hijazi, Heath Hussar, Jason Nash, Scotty Sire, Toddy Smith, Corinna Kopf, Nick Antonyan, Matt King, Mariah Amato, Carly Icontro and Erin Gilroy. Josh Peck was a member but took a step back from YouTube after becoming a dad. 30 sept. 2019 · The biggest member of the Vlog Squad, Liza first got started on Vine before moving to YouTube. She was in a relationship with David for several years until 2018, when they broke up. 5 août 2019 · So, who is in the Vlog Squad? At one point, the collective had up to 14 members, including David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Natalie Mariduena, Jeff Wittek, and more — not to mention a revolving. 17 mars 2021 · David, 24, is a Slovak American YouTuber, comedian, actor and podcaster. He has 18.7million subscribers and began to build his popularity in 2015. Jason Nash Jason Nash is best known as a. 23 mars 2021 · Last week (Mar 17), David Dobrik took to YouTube to apologise after an anonymous woman had accused former Vlog Squad member, Durte Dom, of raping her in between filming scenes for one of David's videos. David stated that he had chosen to "distance" himself from Durte Dom. However, he didn't address the allegations directly and many. 18 nov. 2022 · OMG David Dobrik And The Vlog Squad Show Up At Their Biggest Fan’s House Wait What David Dobrik Reveals He Wants To Make A Major Change To The Vlog Squad Exclusive David Dobrik Totally Ships James Charles With Vlog Squad Member Jeff Wittek.