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In the original Evangelion series, the height of the EVA units was something between 40 and 95 meters tall. It changed back and forth and caused lots of controversy. The rebuild series of movies seem to be more consistent with the mecha size. Also there are several shots of the mecha near real-life objects. 30 mai 2022 · Estimated Height Job/Title; Shinji Ikari: 14: June 6th, 2001: 4'10" Third Child/EVA Pilot: Rei Ayanami: 14: March 30th, 2001: 4'8" First Child/EVA Pilot: Asuka Langley Soryu: 14: December 4th, 2001: 4'11" Second Child/EVA Pilot: Gendo Ikari: 48: April 29th, 1967: 6' Head of NERV: Misato Katsuragi: 29: December 8, 1986: 5"4" NERV. Voir la liste complète sur evangelion.fandom.com. 24 sept. 2021 · Eva-01 has a distinctive chest plate that resembles pectoral muscles, as opposed to the V-shaped chest plate seen on other Evangelions, and its pylons have a unique configuration as well. The reason for the differences in design has never been explained. The Eva's distinctive helmet visually evokes the horn and frill of a ceratopsian dinosaur. 24 oct. 2009 · There isn't a single hight of the evas, as was mentioned before it varies greatly: in episode 1 (for example) unit 01 was as tall as the tallest buildings in Tokyo 3. In episode 16, the evas were so much shorter than the buildings that unit 02 could climb one of them and it was significantly higher. 30 mai 2022 · Evangelion: Every Main Character’s Age, Height and Birthday 7 min read Published May 30, 2022, 6:45 AM EDT Written by Adam Arter Reviewed by Marshall Gunnell The Evangelion franchise has a lot to offer to people who enjoy dissections of complex characters.