[94 FILES :: 799 MB] #DdiMzRkN2Rh 💓 Is 2023 Rockville VIP worth it?

I've found VIP is worth it at some festivals (nice dance area with a good view of the stage, less crowded so easier to get drinks and move around without feeling compressed). At other festivals it doesn't feel worth it. It's just so much more $ at Ultra for VIP so needs to be really worth it for me to do it lol. I think it really depends on the stages you plan on seeing most during the festival. If you’re someone who is going to spend the majority of the weekend at Mainstage I’d say it’s 100% worth it because that’s who the VIP experience is really set up for. Is VIP worth it? $1500 dollars seems like an absolutely absurd price for VIP tickets, but I have never been to Ultra before so I don’t know what to expect. I just went to EDC and was glad I didn’t purchase VIP tickets because at EDC there is plenty of room to dance, even when the stages were packed. The vip server suggestion is a pretty good idea. paying for a vip server for 5 months would cost 1k robux, same as the vip gamepass. i’m pretty sure not many continue paying for vip servers after the first month or two. so including it in the vip pass would be pretty profitable. Grassblock_Eater • 2 yr. ago. The festivals with VIP entrance and good VIP viewing areas are absolutely worth it. Getting into a festival in 2 minutes and having a perfect view with unlimited dancing space is awesome lilfox3372 • 1 yr. ago I enjoyed vip at beyond this year, slightly cheaper drinks/lockers, easy access to stage, more room to dance as your closer. When I hit GA. There is no general rule for what VIP means, so determining the worth of VIP tickets is very relative. Each venue & event may have something different & you need to evaluate for yourself whether the additional cost has sufficient value.