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To encourage blue hydrangea flowers, grow the plant in soil that has a pH of 5.2-5.5. If your soil is more alkaline, you can lower the pH by applying Soil Acidifier at the rate specified on the package. Soil pH can also be lowered (more gradually) by applying an acidic organic mulch, such as pine needles or pine bark. 12 mars 2022 · Water with rainwater to keep hydrangeas blue. Hydrangeas do best in moist soil and can wilt in hot weather, so keep well-watered during hot spells in summer. Mulch hydrangeas every year in spring, with leaf mould, well-rotted manure, or compost. They don't need feeding, as this encourages leafy growth at the expense of flowers. 28 mars 2023 · They are easy to care for, easy to propagate, and have longer bloom times compared to other varieties. They have a deeper blue color, but can also come in another shade called ‘Early Pink.’. Because they are smaller, they can make a great border or edge plant for your garden. 15 sept. 2019 · Flower / Foliage Color: Blue, chartreuse, mauve, pink, rosy red, and white flowers with bright to dark green foliage: Native to: Asia and North America: Maintenance: Annual pruning: Hardiness (USDA Zone): 3-9, varies by species: Tolerance: Afternoon shade in hot regions: Bloom Time: Spring and summer: Soil Type: Rich with organic. 27 janv. 2023 · Hydrangea color chart. The hydrangea color chart below shows the estimated flower color as it varies by soil pH level. Soil with a pH under about 5.5 will tend to result in blue hydrangea blooms, while above 6.5 will favor more of a pink color. Flowers tend to be purple in the soil pH range of 5.5-6.5, which is ideal for overall. 11 avr. 2023 · Gardeners in warmer climates, the grower says, should keep the plant out of intense sun and limit exposure to 2 to 3 hours of morning sunlight. Allow part or dappled shade in the afternoon. Endless Summer hydrangeas grow best in loamy soil, and it’s possible to change the color of these hydrangeas, too, depending on the pH level of your soil. 28 mars 2023 · This is a great option for gardeners looking for a low maintenance hydrangea. This hydrangea is very easy to grow and requires no pruning! ‘Rhythmic Blue’ has deep blue flowers that will bloom from mid summer to early fall. Like the Endless Summer collection, this is another reblooming type of hydrangea. 7 juin 2022 · If you’re looking for that beloved blue color, look no further than Hydrangea macrophylla and Hydrangea serrata. In the right soil conditions, there are many varieties that cover different shades of blue, from pastel to an intense deep blue that most gardeners only dream of. Most blue Hydrangeas fall under the Bigleaf category. The most. Gift Cards. Call Us: 877.447.4769. Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowering shrubs found in gardens worldwide, and for a good reason. Their large, showy blooms in shades of pink, blue, white, and purple add elegance and beauty to any impactful landscape or stunning flower arrangement. With such a wide array of available varieties.