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31 juil. 2021 · Crossdressing adventures are a fun part of my crossdressing journey although some were not fun at the time. I decided to do a series of posts because I have quite a few new to launch crossdresser's following this blog that I think will enjoy them. Some are young and others just late getting started. THE. Hey everyone! I am a 33yr old pansexual looking to begin my crossdressing journey! I have had the urge for about a decade now and I feel comfortable enough to finally act on it. The community here feels amazing from what I have gathered and I would love all the help and advice I could get. M2F join Katie as she enjoys a fun day out in her crossdressing adventure. In true m2f tradition, there are several stunning outfit changes to inspire you. If you would like to be featured on our channel like Katie (Don’t forget to follow here on Instagram link below) or would like us to film your day out then drop Sophie an email. LINKS. Cameron somehow finds himself in a crossdressing situation. Gift Points for good chapters! This is an interactive story containing 195 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. 16 avr. 2023 · April 16, 2023 in Outfit Friends, I started my crossdressing journey about five months ago. And throughout that time, based on a lot of experimentation, failures and successes, I have worked to create Angela, the woman in this photo. Except I didn’t create her — she’s been with me all these years. I just needed to find her. 25 août 2017 · Continuing crossdressing adventures and leotards! I am pleased to report that Bernard is making a slow but healthy recovery and seems to be over the worst after his unfortunate encounter with a carrot. I visited him this morning and when I arrived home from the hospital I found my wife’s appalling friend Amanda at my house. Introduction How my wife became supportive to my cross-dressing | My crossdressing journey Crossdresser Kirsten 3.78K subscribers Subscribe 308 19K views 2 months ago After struggling. Miss Adventures creating Crossdressing and Feminization Assistance Miss Adventures Become a patron Select a membership level Text Lesson - Payment Optional $1 / creation The lessons will be posted for free to the public. Each month will provide a new aspect to your feminization, and each week in that month will provide additional work. 15 févr. 2021 · My name is Amanda and this is the story of my first encounter as a woman. I have been a secret crossdresser since I was quite young. After I once tried on my sister’s skirt when I was a kid, I just fell in love with feminine clothing and my crossdressing journey began. I would sneak into my sister’s room and try on her lovely outfits when no one was around. When I was dressed like a girl. My Scariest Moment as a Crossdresser. I am an 18 years old secret crossdresser. Since I was young, I was fascinated By Admin. January 16, 2023. Crossdressing Stories. Is there a gurl inside you ready to be unleashed. Join me on the journey of self discovery that really will set you free. Would you like join my free feminiz. Welcome Crossdressers – Site For Transgenders And Crossdressers. (MTF) Crossdressing/ Transgender Tips Start Your Crossdrssing Journey TOP TRANSGENDER MODELS Crossdrssing Stories Crossdressing Tips Crossdressing And MTF Videos Top Transgender Couples Adult Crossdressing Stories Indian Hindi Crossdressing Stories.