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21 juin 2020 路 motherp. Not happy with how certain things are put across and perceived but she has to live her life. Personally I'd be worried for her especially because of her job. What still amazes me is kayla says she cant leave him with her mum yet her mum has her sisters baby overnight. 21 juin 2020 路 I know Kayla means well deep down and she things she doing the best but those kids will end up with a fucking warped view of the world. I also saw on Facebook some times ago that Kayla was saying that social services were involved regarding ro. Wonder what that was. I wonder if it鈥檚 school related. 1. 21 juin 2020 路 Kayla Morris Start date Jun 21 Like there a guys pulling the balls of themselves to Kayla - that is what they go on her snap for..and then she'll hand the phone over for the child to talk away. Something very off about that . Reac. 21 juin 2020 路 Not being horrible or anything but jealous of a body like that a face like that getting my bits out for a living a family that sound like they don't care erm no not jealous. She walks all over Lauren no surprise her family won't have anything to do with kayla or the son he was the resort of cheating. 21 juin 2020 路 1 V Vickwillow Apr 24, 2022 robbyrob said: Kayla is 27 and Romeo is nearly 14 that means she would of had him at 13. I鈥檓 from the same town kayla has a sister a year younger that got pregnant at very young it鈥檚 referring to her Ah ok! Take she has nothing to do with them? Never been mentioned 1 R robbyrob Apr 25, 2022. 21 juin 2020 路 Kayla posted a picture once and she said something along the lines of 鈥榯his is me at prom i was pregnant here鈥 then no word of an abortion/miscarriage etc. The child would of been Ro鈥檚 age I'm sure. She takes him to school and everything. It wouldn't surprise me. 21 juin 2020 路 Kayla dumps lucien at nursery,keisha dumps bambi on whoever is around at the time. Lauren has left,hopefully came to her senses and walked. Reactions:2 nichew Sep 19, 2022 motherp said: Kayla dumps lucien at nursery,keisha dumps bambi on whoever is around at the time. Lauren has left,hopefully came to her senses and walked. Click to expand. Tattle Life describes itself as a platform for 鈥渃ommentary and critiques of people that choose to monetise their personal life as a business and release it into the public domain鈥, framing itself as a space where users can hold the rich and famous to account. 20 juil. 2014 路 Kayla Morris Retweeted k @heykelechi 路 Dec 26, 2019 In 2020, I want to be a better friend, lover, and student. I want to do the things that both scare and excite me. I want to feel my life deeply. 85 68.9K 160.5K Kayla Morris Retweeted kheck @watdakelsieheck 路 Dec 18, 2019 Tbh I might just leave myself in 2019 I鈥檓 tired of my dumb ass 288 684. 9 nov. 2018 路 tattle.life is slowly coming back online, sadly just how it slowly went offline for people over 24 hours it might take the same amount of time to come back. Try a different internet connection (wifi or data) if you can't access it right now. So sorry about that all! tattle.life Tattle Life Gossip and more at Tattle Life 5 1 6 Tattle Life.