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Blue and Hayley have apparently been acting abusively towards members of ClownHouse, which is a Twitch streaming group comprised mostly of the main RTFG cast. Because of the pair's actions, the members of the group have cut ties with them; for SnapCube, this means that Hayley and Blue won't be a part of the channel anymore (previous content featuring them is staying up unless Penny later sees. 1 ao没t 2020 路 For the longest time I wanted to believe that Blue and Hayley could be better. When these concerns were first brought up I thought "well, we can solve this. We can still be friends." After hearing my friends out and listening to their stories I was horrified. I was heartbroken. 1 ao没t 2020 路 I hope this isnt being rude but im not sure what the clown house is. Does that extend to rtfd and such or is it just twitch? I hope everyone is okay and staying safe . 2. 10. Adam @RaymanFan1995 路 Aug 1, 2020. Replying to . @clown_depot. Voir la liste compl猫te sur clownopedia.fandom.com. 23 avr. 2021 路 Clowns in Myanmar. The pandemic has meant the clowns haven鈥檛 been able to travel. Photograph: Quinten-De-Schuiteneer/Clowns Without Borders. At the start of 2020, Shafer had organized six trips. 25 oct. 2019 路 5. Remove lobby chat and endgame chat so survivors can't talk in chat before or after match has started. 6. Prioritise in removing Clown and banning all Clown mains because this killer is SSS tier and is impossible to defeat, DbD will receive a massive inflation on profits of their game once Clown has been removed. 14 ao没t 2015 路 3 Answers. "was removed" refers to something in the past. "has been removed" is presented as information about an event supposed to be new for the reader. It is perfect for news. The first example is the simple past passive. The second is the present perfect passive. The both indicate an action happened but not who did the action.