Trapped in her panties by giantesslover45 on DeviantArt #DQ4MGY3OGFh [39 FILES :: 786 MB] 💕

Trapped In Her Panties By LikeGiantess Published: Mar 20, 2021 246 Favourites 15.5K Views butt giantess panty_entrapment Image details Image size 766x976px 1021.86 KB Sensitive Content © 2021 - 2023 Comments 1 Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In Mar 20, 2021 Great work! I am your watcher. I favourited it. Trapped in her panties By giantesslover45 Published: Dec 6, 2015 Favourites Comments 58.5K Views 1 giantess shrunkenwoman Image details Image size 1100x777px 487.6 KB Mature © 2015 - 2023 Comments 14 Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In It's very warm and cozy place with huge (!) female energy.)) I dream about it. Trapped in Brianna's Panties. by: DenisIsOnFire More by this author. You were terrified of being trapped in her bosom forever but suddenly you slide right through her cleavage and fall, you were glad to finally be out until you slide right into the front of her jeans and panties and you looked right at her womanhood. The giantess noticed the bulge forming in the tiny man’s pants and decided to grant him immediate access. She dropped him in the back of her panties, where he scrapped against her ass on his way down. Dave started playing with his dick inside the panties. Dave thought he won against the giantess and proceeded to brag to himself. Giantess panties smothering stuck unaware unawaregiantess Hello! This is my first giantess fetish story i have ever wrote. i have a lot of other ideas for other giantess fetish stories. Link to part2 -----> Sensitive Content © 2018 - 2023 Add to Favourites Comments 5 Join the community to add your comment. She grabbed you and pulled the back of her panties, she dropped you in and snapped the panties back. She walked around the house, here butt jiggling as she moved. She sat down and squashed you. When she got up, you were stuck in her butt crack. She said that she needed to used the restroom to you. You could smell what was coming. She got to the.