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Amber Jade is a social innovator, multipreneur, consultant and coach, with a passion for the art and science of mastering the human condition, and for designing systems that change people’s. In addition to founding Become Luminary, Amber Jade is the Founder and Lead Innovator for The Luminaria, a community of changemakers and everyday revolutionaries who are dedicated to building a Thriving World For All, and Luminaria Sanctuary, a network of Changemaking Places and Spaces. Amber Jade Expand search. Jobs People Learning Dismiss Dismiss. Dismiss . Dismiss. Dismiss. Join now Sign in Social Innovator; Founder at The Luminaria & Become Luminary 3w Report this post. In 2012, Amber Jade moved to the tropics of Hawaii to continue to pursue development of Luminaria's next evolution. Since then she has traveled the world to explore cultures, study neuroscience, business, community building, economics, and to lead the systems architecture and visioneering for the Luminaria. Amber Jade is the Lead Innovator of Become Luminary, The Luminaria and Luminaria Sanctuary - a social and economic ecosystem with the mission of creating a Thriving World For All -, the author of the forthcoming book "The 4 Forces of Influence™ - How Human Ecosystems Will Change The World and Reveal the Truth About Human Potential," and. Amber Jade is masterminding the next phases of Luminaria Sanctuary, and The Luminaria, bringing this human-empowerment project to an international level. And too many updates from other members to list them all here COMING SOON: online community; online evolutionary support process; transformational events where you can teach, learn & grow.