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How Does Wikipedia Make Money? Wikipedia makes money via donations, investments, merchandise sales, and by licensing its content to other companies. In 2022, Wikipedia generated close to $155 million in revenue, most of which came in the form of donations. 17 févr. 2023 · How Does Wikipedia Make Money? According to its annual report, Wikipedia earned a total revenue of $91 million in 2017 but none of it came from advertisements, affiliates, or any paid service. Then what resulted in the whopping $91 million revenue? Donations. Wikipedia made $4.2 million in 2021 on investment interest on the assets that the Wikimedia Foundation held directly. That’s less than the previous year when the foundation made $5.5 million on investments. It is unclear how much investment income the foundation made from assets held by the Tides Foundation. Wikipedia makes money via donations, investments, as well as merchandise sales. In the future, it plans to launch an API that charges enterprises a fee for access to its data. Founded in 2001, Wikipedia has grown to become one of the world’s most-frequented websites. More than 56 million articles have been published to date. 10 déc. 2021 · The company that houses Wikipedia is the Wikimedia Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit public charity. But Wikipedia's spending habits have raised questions on whether the company actually. 23 févr. 2022 · According to its 2020-2021 full year financial statement this currently stands at $86.8 million in cash and $137.4 million in short and long-term investments. The foundation explains this as a decision to have a minimum of six to 18 months worth of total spending, in case of emergency.