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20 sept. 2022 · Social media slams Britt Barbie for allegedly faking her disability. Now, some members of the autistic community believe the influencer is faking her disability. One content creator on TikTok. 27 sept. 2022 · BrittBarbie, known for her viral TikTok, “period ahh period uhh,” was called out on a livestream for making a mockery of Black women. Viral TikToker BrittBarbie is again in hot water after being called out for making fun of Black women in her videos. On Monday (Sept. 26), a video clip from a live stream featuring the “period ahh period. 20 sept. 2022 · This week, social media detectives discovered a few videos where the TikTok star can be heard speaking without the impediment,. Britt Barbie (@brittbarbie32) on TikTok | 2.1M Likes. 176.2K Followers. Watch the latest video from Britt Barbie (@brittbarbie32). Watch the latest video from Britt Barbie (@brittbarbie32). TikTok. 19 sept. 2022 · First off, who is Ms. Barbie? Barbie grew an audience with her TikTok account amassing over 400k followers for her cringeworthy content. One of her viral videos includes how the content creator. Brittbarbie3 (@brittbarbie3) on TikTok | Watch the latest video from Brittbarbie3 (@brittbarbie3). Britt Barbie (@brittbarbie32) on TikTok | 2.1M Likes. 176.2K Followers. Watch the latest video from Britt Barbie (@brittbarbie32). 21 nov. 2022 · After the video went viral on Twitter last weekend, Britt Barbie responded with a TikTok clip to her 2.4 million followers. In a 13-second clip, the TikToker shared several comments she received. 22 sept. 2022 · The online speculations surrounding Drippy’s falsified role at Atlantic Records rolled in shortly after a white TikToker known as Britt Barbie (@brittbarbie3) went viral earlier in the month for a video—which now has over 38.3 million views—in which she mimics African-American vernacular English and raps “Period ahh, period uhh” over a beat. 20 sept. 2022 · Britt Barbie's song garnered attention from Rapper Baby Tate Credit: TikTok/brittbarbie3. The social media star has 2.4million followers on TikTok - attracting followers with her diverse content. Before the "Period Ahh Period Uhh" montage, Britt already boasted more than one million views on some of her videos. Britt Barbie : Britt Barbie Twitter | Britt Barbie Mall Video | Britt Barbie TiktokerBritt Barbie is a famous social media content creatorhttps://www.youtub. 21 nov. 2022 · When Britt Barbie approached the couple, the woman smashed her to the ground. In the now-viral clip, Barbie can be seen attempting to get up. However, she slipped and was unable to do so. It. 22 nov. 2022 · Upon being questioned on the matter, Britt Barbie simply responded, “There are a lot of things people do not know that I will speak on when the right opportunity presents itself.” FAQs 1). What happened with Britt Barbie? After receiving physical abuse at Missouri’s Mid Rivers Mall, TikToker Britt Barbie went viral on Twitter. An unnamed. 2 janv. 2023 · On Reddit and Twitter, Britt Barbie and an unknown couple were seen fighting in a mall just last weekend. Britt Barbie and a group of friends walk past a couple of unknown individuals in a shopping center in the short video clip lasting only 21 seconds. She is seen abruptly turning around after the man comments, and she continues walking toward. 21 nov. 2022 · Filiz Mustafa. Mon 21 November 2022 11:49, UK. TikToker Britt Barbie has responded after a mall fight video involving her and an unidentified woman started trending on social media. The aspiring. 16 févr. 2023 · 3. Aris. Aris or “saltybitters” is a kickass autistic agender Tiktoker. Their pronouns are they/them. saltybitters features a lot of videos about LQBTQ subjects, especially about being non-binary. They post a lot of really cool cosplay videos, as well. They also have some amazing fashion sense.