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30 janv. 2023 · Nikocado Avocado is a 29-year-old YouTube star known for extreme eating videos. The YouTuber has made a name for himself by filming emotionally turbulent videos. He has been involved in numerous controversies and feuds over his eight years as an influencer. Top editors give you the stories you want — delivered right to your inbox each weekday. 14 févr. 2023 · Before and After Transformation, entertainment, Nikocado Avocado, YouTuber By Arushi Pandita Arushi Pandita is a Content writer by profession, who lives in Delhi. She loves writing about various topics, from entertainment to politics. She believes that writing is the concept through which expression becomes possible. Nikacado Avocado, real name Nicholas Perry is a Mukbang YouTuber. He started uploading videos in 2013, often discussing his life as a vegan and his passion for music. In 2016 he started creating Mukbang videos (eating large quantities of food in front of a camera) that accumulated a somewhat large following. Let's explore the story of Nikocado Avocado, his career and downfall. Increase your privacy online with a special AtlasVPN deal with 86 % OFF: https://atlasv Show more License Creative. 24 oct. 2021 · The terrible physical change of youtuber Nikocado Avocado He moved from Ukraine to Colombia, where he lived for a time and then came to the United States in 2016, where he confessed that he was no longer vegan due to health problems such as lack of vitamins. 15 juil. 2021 · Nikocado Avocado (real name Nicholas Perry) is a Ukrainian-born American YouTuber famous for posting mukbang videos on YouTube. Avocado has amassed over 5 million subscribers and over 1 billion views across five YouTube channels. Originally from South Korea, the mukbang style video has found a home among YouTubers in the United States. The Decline of Nikocado Avocado’s Physical and Mental Health. As his subscriber count grew, so did the number on the scale. Perry was rapidly gaining weight, and he wasn’t shy about addressing it. With the ridiculous amounts of food he was eating, it’s not too far of a jump to assume he was eating above his daily caloric limit. 29 janv. 2020 · There are about six or seven other videos of Nik crying and saying his life is over, with most of the emotional rants happening during mukbang sessions for KFC, Arby’s, or Panda Express. A. Nikocado Before and After his breakdowns - YouTube 0:00 / 20:32 Nikocado Before and After his breakdowns 34,222 views Jan 15, 2021 661 Dislike Share The More You Eat 11.4K subscribers Credit-. Answer: there is an hour+ long video on him and his backstory. Shorter version: He was vegan and skinny af and looked happy. Then he started doing mukbang (?), where you eat a lot of food on youtube. Like A LOT. He has been gaining weight and his videos are a lot of cringey over the top acting. Over the years it seems that he gained so much.